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Why you should consume shame old lady

Mimosa pudica (Sensitive Plant) is a creeping annual or perennial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched.

It is popularly known as a prickly shrub that grows wild in Jamaica and other tropical regions but the shame old lady plant (scientifically known as Mimosa Pudica) is packed with wondrous healing properties. It is a source of fun for mainly children who are in awe when the leaves of this herb is touched and the plant shyly closes its leaves (Hence the name 😊).

Also known as the ‘touch me not’, the plant is said to be very good for easing pain and speeding up the healing of any sort of wound.

For curing cuts, one is advised to apply the juice extracted by crushing a few leaves of the plant on the wound, and do it quite a few times until the pain subsides.

The shame old lady plant is also said to be useful for the control of excessive bleeding during menstruation. It has properties to balance out the hormones in the body and thus bring relief.

The plant can also be converted to a powder and, in this form, is reportedly good for curing hemorrhoids, popularly known as piles. Per the instructions: simply make a powder from its leaves, mix one teaspoon in a glass of milk, and drink it twice a day.

What’s more, the consumption of this plant can reportedly also help to cure joint pain caused by arthritis. The plant is said to contain anti-inflammatory properties that can cure the inflammation in joints and thereby relieve pain.

A tea made from the leaves is also great to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body. It does so by releasing the required amount of insulin, according to some health experts.

Diarrhea, jaundice, stomach ache and intestinal worms are some of the other ailments the plant is said to be effective in treating. It has been also been used to cure toothaches and swelling of the gums.

Extracts of the plant is used in many hair products as it is known to treat hair loss.

So, don’t be ashamed to consume your ‘shame old lady’.

Some of this content was taken from www.mavcure.com