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UPDATE: Rasta kids’ ‘aunt’ sides with the police on mistreatment claim


Reports are emerging that the case involving the reggae artiste who has accused police personnel of taking his children – two boys aged four and eight  – from their home in Irish Town, St Andrew, and having them trimmed and fed with meat, could end up in an investigation of a case of child abuse.

Since the artiste made the claims, a female identifying herself as an aunt of the children has spoken out and said there is more to the case than what the parents have been saying about the matter.

The ‘aunt’, in a series of tweets, said she became concerned over the welfare of the children who were not going to school.

The aunt said while the children were enrolled in school, they had been removed and kept at home for almost a year.

Her claims are expected to be at the centre of an investigation by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA).

“This is a lie… (I) am the aunty of these two kids. The mother have these two kids out of school nearly a year…” stated the aunt.

She described circumstances, which, if found to be true, would seemingly amount to cases of child abuse.

“She is the one calling me saying she stress out and her kids not going to school. As an aunty n other family members.., (we) decided to take action… People been calling me about his situation…” wrote the aunt.

“We went to the police station; the police say something to her…,” which the aunt said preceded a physical altercation between the artiste and a police officer, for which she blamed the artiste.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), in a release, said the claims that a group of police officers removed the two Rastafarian children from their home and trimmed them and forced them to consume meat, were false.

“The police did not cause to happen, neither the trimming nor (the) feeding of the boys,” said the JCF in the release.

The force said preliminary investigations have so far revealed that the boys went to the police station in the company of relatives of theirs.

The police further stated that the boys were taken to the barber and for lunch by their aunt, who had accompanied their mother to the station where the matter had been reported to the police by concerned family members.

The JCF was responding to a claim from the artiste who goes by the name ‘JahDore’, whose given name is Sean McDonald, about the alleged mistreatment of his children, which was published in one of the country’s national newspapers.

The artiste was quoted as saying that the police had removed the children from his home and taken them to a police station after it was reported that the children were being home schooled.

The media report led to condemnation of the perceived development from Culture, Entertainment, Gender and Sport Minister, Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange. In a media release, Grange expressed deep concern at the report.

Grange said she had spoken to Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang, about the issue, and also commended Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, for ordering a probe of the matter.

Grange Shocked By Allegations Cops Trimmed Rasta Kids, Fed Them Meat