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Seafood at Scotts Cove, Border, JAMAICAN FOOD – VIDEO


The popular Scott’s Cove food and rest stop is Also known as ‘Border’, located between the neighboring parishes of St. Elizabeth and Westmoreland, is a haven for fish and bammy lovers.

The border has also been transformed into a major seafood kingdom, which has been attracting a lion’s share of local and overseas visitors.

This little fishing community has developed a food plaza were fresh or cooked seafood is prepared, then sold to motorists through the window of the car. Locals pull up, pick their prepared fish, have it wrapped for transport, then speed away.

About 4km southeast of Whitehouse, the A2 sweeps around this deep little inlet. Anyone with taste buds in western Jamaica will tell you that this is the best place on the island to buy fried snapper, conch soup, and bammy. For those who don’t know, bammy is a fried or steamed bancake that is made from cassava.

You can stop and tour the kitchens and meet the cooks. Hang out for a while and if you wish to enjoy your fish right there on the beach, a table can be set for you