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Delroy Renton, the Rastafarian man who travelled to the United States with a crocus bag last Friday, said he will be looking at ways to make money from his new found fame.

Renton a farmer from Cornwall, Lacovia, St Elizabeth, told THE STAR that he has received no fewer than 4,000 telephone calls from persons who saw a video of him on Facebook.

“The people dem so good. It is a joy. Yuh see the picture, the video, they laughing with me enuh. Some of them laughing at me, but the point dat seh dem a laugh is priceless,” he said.

Renton, who also goes by the name Rastafarian Soldier, left Jamaica with a crocus bag full of peanuts. He told THE STAR that having purchased two bushels of peanuts, weighing about 40 pounds, he felt compelled to take some of the produce with him to the United States of America to share with family and friends.

Renton said he now intends to fight for the advancement of agriculture.

“If the new found fame a guh help me alone me nuh too want it. Me deh pon a mission and the mission is real,” he said.

“Me want fi bring in di farming inna me community,” said the man from Cornwall, St Elizabeth who says his goal is to “make farming corporate”.

Renton said that many of the persons who have reached out to him have suggested that he makes full use of any opportunities.

“A whole heap a people call me and say ‘yuh have talent’, and I would love to not disappoint them,” he said.

Renton plans to return to Jamaica shortly. He said that when his feet touches the soil in Cornwall his aim will be to help Jamaica to “be the paradise that it used to be”.

“Me want fi mek farming look romantic. Yuh nuh look pon the picture pon me? Yuh nuh see say me a Jamaican. Yuh nuh see say man proud, yuh, yuh nuh see say man bold,  nuh see say man handsome … A dat everybody weh not even know me a call me and a tell me say a dat dem see,” Renton said.

He told THE STAR that he has not fully worked out what he will be doing in order to cash in on his eye-catching travel to the United States. However, one thing is certain. He will not ditch his crocus bag.

“Me caah leave me crocus bag. A me luggage dat. Me a come down wid me crocus bag as the luggage and me a come up back wid me crocus bag as me luggage,” Renton said.