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Rapists posing as cabbies


Detectives assigned to the St Andrew South Police Division are searching for men posing as a taxi drivers and passengers who raped and robbed a woman and then robbed other women, using the first victim as bait.

The first incident, according to Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, the division’s commanding officer, took place last Wednesday. Reports are that about 7 p.m., the 23-year-old woman boarded a white, seven-seater motor car with a red licence plate along Spanish Town Road, heading to Half-Way Tree.


It is further reported that male occupants in the vehicle held her at knifepoint and robbed her of J$10,500, a smartphone, gold necklace and earrings. The men reportedly covered her face during the ordeal. Ricketts said the complainant reported that she was taken to an unknown location where they raped her. She was held hostage for the remainder of the night and was used as bait to lure other women into the vehicle the following day.

“I can confirm the report of a robbery involving females who reported that they were picked up at various locations in the Corporate Area. They were driven away for the period and they were then released somewhere. The police responded after the reports were made and the investigations have proceeded,” Ricketts told THE STAR. The men reportedly released the woman in a churchyard on Hagley Park Road, St Andrew. “The police will not stop until the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice,” Ricketts added