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My Trip To Jamaica || Did Not Want To Come Back.


Let me just begin by saying that this short trip was the best I have ever been on. Jamaica has beautiful scenery and the people are extremely welcoming! I loved everything about the trip except the oh so extra salty ocean water, but overall it was AMAZING.

When I take trips I always remember that I am A Christian before any other thing and I still do have convictions and boundaries on what I will and will not do.

It’s always good to make sure you are rooted in your beliefs no matter how far away from “home” you are. I say all of this to say that you do not have to sin to have FUN. Jamaica was so much fun and I can’t wait to visit again someday.

Thanks for watching !!
P.s ( I never got the footage from the waterfall but it was beautiful!! I took one for the team and climbed it for all of us.)