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It Doesn’t Matter You Are Married or Not You Should Read This


The man wanted divorce and one day on dinner time he said that to his wife. First the wife was calm and she asked him why he wants divorce. And after that she became really angry because his answer was evasive. After that she cried for whole night. The reason why the husband wanted divorce is that he found another lady called Jane. And he did not have the same feelings for his wife anymore so he could not lie to her for that.

He mentioned in the divorce papers that he will leave the house, the car and 30% stake in his company to her. She just threw away the papers and she was still pissed off. The man felt sorry for her because he knew that that made his wife sad.

The day after all those happenings when the man came home from work, the wife was sitting at the table and she was writing something. The man just went straight to bed and they did not say anything to each other. But in the morning after both of them were awake, the wife told clearly her terms for the divorce. And the terms were that she does not want the house, the car or the stake.

She just wanted one thing and that is for both of them to live and act like everything is normal for the next month because she told him that their son needed to study for important exams and if the son found out about the divorce he would not get good grades. And she also wanted one more thing and that was for the husband to carry her over the threshold to their house and then into their bedroom. And she said that they should do that every morning for the next month. The man agreed on that because he would have done anything just to make it easier for her.

After the very first day of doing that their son saw them and he was really happy about that. But that actually made the husband really sad but the wife reminded him that he should not tell him about the divorce. On the second day everything was better and the man even asked himself what he have done to her. After the third day he also thought in himself that that is the woman who was 10 years with him building their life. And as the days passed the intimacy was becoming even stronger. But he also noticed one more important thing while carrying her and that was that the woman was thinner.

What caused so much pain to the husband’s heart is when he heard their son saying to him that it is time to carry the woman. That means that for him that became a ritual. And that day the man held her tight just like he was doing that on their wedding day. And on the very last day of their agreement he realized that he made a mistake and he went to Jane and said to her that he will not leave his wife.

On the way home he bought flowers to his wife and he wrote on the card ‘’I will carry you every morning, until death do us part.’’ And he was really happy with his decision but when he returned home he was shocked! His wife was dead. She has passed away in her sleep while he was away. And lately he found out that she was suffering from cancer. He was blaming himself because he was thinking only about Jane and did not notice that something is wrong with his wife.

And the husband thought that the reason why she asked those divorce terms is that she knew that she will die from cancer in the near future. This also made the husband the most romantic husband in their son’s eyes. And he did not found out about that they agreed on divorce because that would have made him sad.

The small details of your lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the mansion, the car, property, the money in the bank. These create an environment conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in themselves.

So find time to be your spouse’s friend and do those little things for each other that build intimacy. Do this everyday and have a real happy marriage!