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Expert Financial Advice | Investing in Jamaica in 2022


Investing in Jamaica in 2022 is a smart idea. In many ways, Jamaica is well-positioned to take off economically as a country. Many political, economic, and social indicators support this notion.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Sagicor Investment Advisor Jermin Vanzie to discuss the possibilities and potential of Jamaica from the perspective of a variety of investment opportunities. Our discussion is rich and value-driven touching on topics from real estate investments to investing in the Jamaican Stock Exchange. Jermin was gracious enough to share many personal and professional experiences through storytelling as examples to learn from and to be inspired by.



0:00 Intro
02:45 Banking as a Career in Jamaica
04:59 Strong Jamaican Values
07:43 Growing Up Barefoot in Jamaica
09:38 Jamaican Financial Advisor
14:20 The Process of Investing in Jamaica
17:45 Real Estate Value Appreciation in Jamaica
21:36 Why NOW is the Best Time to Invest in Jamaica?
25:35 What is Driving the Jamaican Real Estate Market?
26:55 Why Invest in Portland Jamaica?
29:50 Why Invest in St. Thomas Jamaica?
32:30 My Dad’s Bad Investment Experience
35:01 Jamaica Stock Investment Strategy
41:57 Surround Yourself with Experts
45:05 Teaching Financial Literacy to our Children
47:15 Do Local Jamaicans have Access to International Stock Markets?
47:40 Buy Jamaican Stocks for your Children
50:02 Who is the Jamaican Stock Exchange for?
51:16 Investing to Create Generational Wealth
53:13 The Importance of Compound Investing
54:08 Requirements for Investing in the Jamaica Stock Exchange
55:03 Who can invest in the Jamaica Stock Exchange?
56:56 Investing for your Child’s Future Education Cost
59:48 Future Jamaica Investment Topics
01:00:18 Contact Information
01:01:03 Outro

Jermin Vanzie’s Contact Information
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E-mail: jermin_vanzie@sagicor.com

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