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Edwin Allen principal ‘to speak’ with the teacher & students over viral video – Video


Principal of Edwin All High School Jermaine Harris said he is not able to speak to a video where students are seen wiping off what a teacher is writing on a chalkboard.

Harris told OBSERVER ONLINE that he first saw the video on Sunday and has not been able to speak to anyone about it as yet. He, however, confirmed that the teacher in the video works at the school.

“I’ve not received any reports from the teacher concerning that video that is out there. The first time I’m hearing about that video would have been yesterday (Sunday) so as a school we have not gotten any opportunity to investigate and to speak with the teacher and students that are seen in the video,” Harris said.

“We are home today with the rains so as soon as we get back into the classroom space we will be speaking to the teacher and students about the incident,” he added.

The principal said he did not know if the incident actually took place on the school compound.

“What we saw in the video apparently were students and a teacher in a classroom, but we have not received any report from the teacher and, as the principal, it would have been irresponsible of me to confirm that it occurred at Edwin Allen,” he reasoned.

In the first part of the viral video, a female student is seen using her hand to wipe off what the teacher is writing on the chalkboard after telling the tutor that no one is writing. The teacher stops and looks at her, and she puts a hand to her side, leans on the chalkboard and looks at the teacher with a smile on her face.

In the second part of the video, two boys are seen similarly wiping off what the teacher writes on the chalkboard.