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Most beautiful sight at the Olympics, American columnist begs Bolt not to retire


Usain Bolt Dedicates 100m Gold Win To JamaicansAssociated Press Sports Columnist, Tim Dahlberg, in an article posted on Monday urged track superstar Usain Bolt not to retire.

Dahlberg in his article wrote that even if Bolt does retire he hopes that his retirement plans would be as short as his races.

“Not so fast, Usain Bolt,” began Dahlberg’s article.

“Please don’t run away from us after this Olympics. Don’t even think about putting an end to the greatest show in track,” added Dahlberg.

Dahlberg noted that both the Olympics and the sport of track and field desperately needed the seven-time-Olympic-gold medallist.

“On a beautiful night in Rio, the most beautiful sight at the Olympic Stadium had to be Bolt chasing down Justin Gatlin and pulling away to an unprecedented third straight Olympic gold in the race that crowns the fastest man on earth,” exclaimed Dahlberg in his piece.

 “If that is truly the end, as Bolt has said it will be, he will go into the record books as the greatest sprinter ever,” added Dahlberg.

However, Dahlberg noted that Bolt is much more than his dominance in the sport as he highlighted that several hundred people stayed more than an hour after the race, chanting Bolt’s name and shrieking with excitement each time it appeared he might come out to acknowledge them.

“The mere mention of his name Sunday night prompted roars in the stadium. The victory lap he took carrying a stuffed Olympic mascot was an added bonus, a chance for the crowd to stick around and show him some love,” said Dahlberg.

“But Bolt has always been more than that, ever since he announced his dominance of the sport with three gold medals in his Olympic debut eight years ago in Beijing,” added Dahlberg.

Dahlberg called Bolt the “undisputed star of a sport” a sport which he noted, “doesn’t produce stars anymore.”

“And as a runner who has never tested positive for anything, he may be the only thing holding together a sport so decimated by doping that the entire country of Russia was banned from track and field at these Olympics,” said Dahlberg.

Dahlberg noted that it is hard to believe anything you see on the track citing Ben Johnson and four other men who all held the title of the ‘fastest’ in the record books, who were later caught doping.

Dahlberg added that Bolt was someone you could believe in, as nothing that made him spectacular could have come out of a bottle.

“Believe it, though, when you see the magnificence of a runner so smooth and fast that nothing that made him this spectacular could have come out of a bottle,” said Dahlberg.