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Children’s Advocate slams radio interview with minor


The Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison has criticised a move by broadcaster Jenny Jenny to use her radio show to interview the 12 year-old victim involved in the “cruelty to a child” case made public recently by the wide circulation of a video of the child being beating by her mother with a machete.

“While I understand the desire of the media to cover the story from all perspectives, it cannot be that a vulnerable victim is further exposed in such an inappropriate way,” she told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

“The intention to contribute to the discussion may have been noble but the psychological harm and re-traumatization of the child is the more likely result,”  Gordon Harrison continued, noting that “This is a child who is being interviewed about her mother and about an incident that must have been very humiliating at the very least. My caution is that any interventions with the child are to be left  to the persons trained to conduct such interventions and interviews.”

The interview, which lasted just over 10 minutes, contained a raft of probing questions based on issues pertaining to the matter now being investigated by several Government organizations to include the Police, The Office of The Children’s Advocate and The Child Development Agency among others.

Gordon Harrison postulated that “the matter remains a sensitive one and the OCA asks that through it all the child’s best interest be at the forefront of the minds of all who deal with it and any surrounding actions.”

The matter is still being mentioned in the St Thomas Parish court.

Jenny Jenny has reportedly since apologised on air for her role in the interview.