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Cabbage & Rice (Rasta Style) Part 1 2 & 3


1 Cabbage & Rice (Rasta Style) part 1 .Some Ital business this round! Mokko does up some wicked cabbage Rasta style on the yard. We chat about improving your blood with purple cabbage, not eating f**kery, and the proper technique with water and oil to get that cabbage perfect!

Cabbage & Rice (Rasta Style) part 1

2 Cabbage & Rice (Rasta Style)  Part 2 of the epic Cabbage trilogy……we talk making plastic belts, how to deal with Okra, and watch that cabbage start to get crushed.
This episode is a bit more chill than usual…..but don’t worry, we get into some hilarious ganja farming and outsmarting police stories in the next one!

3 Cabbage & Rice (Rasta Style) part 3 Mokko talks ganja farming in the 70’s, f**kery with Jamaican police, how to hide your herb from Babylon with ropes across dangerous chasms! We also chat on how to finish up the tastiest way to make cabbage, Rasta style….of course.