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Christmas behind bars for ‘Beachy Stout’ on charges of killing wives


Everton ‘Beachy Stout’ McDonald, the popular Portland businessman who is accused of murdering his two wives, is set to spend Christmas behind bars after he was further remanded in custody.

The 67-year-old businessman appeared in the Home Circuit Court via Zoom on Thursday.

The elderly businessman is charged with the 2009 murder of his first wife, Merlene McDonald, and the July 2020 killing of his second wife, Tonia Hamilton-McDonald.

In relation to the latter murder charge, McDonald has settled his legal representation and is now being represented by attorney-at-law Earl Hamilton.

Prosecutors indicated to the judge that they are awaiting further documents to complete the case file in relation to that murder charge.

In respect of McDonald’s co-accused in relation to the murder of Hamilton-McDonald, Astor ‘Tiny’ Barnes, a resident of Epsom district in Annotto Bay, St Mary, he remains behind bars because he has not been able to fully satisfy the overall conditions of the $500,000 bail that was offered to him on May 4 this year.

Consequently, he was further remanded in custody until December 20 for the police to verify another address where the accused could reside while the case is in court.

Previous addresses that were given by the accused have been rejected by the police.

Meanwhile, McDonald has not retained an attorney in relation to the murder charge relative to his first wife, Merlene.

However, prosecutors indicated that they are ready to proceed to trial with that matter.

McDonald is to return to court on February 3 of next year for the cases to be further mentioned.

The businessman was denied bail in June in relation to both cases due to his alleged propensity for violence, among other factors.

In pointing to McDonald’s propensity for violence, presiding judge Justice Vinette Graham-Allen explained that he had been charged for cutting off a man’s finger in Portland. That matter was, however, settled, she said.

Additionally, Justice Graham-Allen indicated that along with two dead wives, there was a dead witness and concerns from the prosecution that if granted bail, the businessman could interfere with the witnesses.

On February 1 of this year, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the crime portfolio, Fitz Bailey, announced that McDonald had been charged with the murder of his first wife.

The 50-year-old woman was shot in her driveway after parking her car at her Boundbrook, Port Antonio, Portland home in May 2009. She later died from her injuries.

Years later, McDonald’s nephew, who had told police that his uncle had confessed to him that he allegedly orchestrated the death of Merlene, was murdered.

Everton McDonald was on remand for the murder of his second wife in July of last year when he was slapped with a murder charge relative to his first wife’s killing.

Thirty-two-year-old Hamilton-McDonald, otherwise called ‘Sassy’, a businesswoman of Dolphin Cove in Dolphin Bay, Portland, was found dead with her throat slashed on Monday, July 20, 2020.

Her body was just outside a Toyota Axio motorcar that was found engulfed in flames on the Tailington main road in Sherwood Forrest, Portland.

The police at the time said they had information that suggested that McDonald paid over $3 million to have Hamilton-McDonald killed.

Following a probe, the businessman, Barnes and 56-year-old Denvalyn ‘Bubble’ Minott, a fisherman of Ranch Hill in Portland, were all jointly charged with murder, as well as conspiracy to murder Hamilton-McDonald.

Minott pleaded guilty to the murder in September of last year. He was subsequently sentenced to 19 years in prison, and ordered to serve 10 years before being eligible for parole consideration.

Indications are that after the killing last year, the 2009 case was revisited by the police, and following the submission of a file to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), a ruling was handed down for McDonald to be charged with murder and conspiracy to murder in relation to his first wife.