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Bet You Didn’t Know: 10 surprising benefits of June Plum


It’s June Plum season!

Thousands of June plum trees bear abundantly around this time of year, which has a general season that spans between September and mid-January.

The fruit, introduced to the island in 1782 and originally from Hawaii, is a local favourite – sought for its succulently sweet but tart pulp and characteristic green or golden-yellow skins.

We may know it as ‘June plum’ or ‘Jew plum’ but elsewhere around the world, the fruit is also called: pomme cythere;golden apple; mangotín; jobo indio; kedondong and buah long long, among countless other vernacular names.

In another edition of Bet You Didn’t Know, ilovejamaicans.com presents ten amazing health benefits the June plum can provide you.

  1. June plums have impressive amounts of calcium, which plays an important role in maintaining cardiovascular health. A popular belief in Indonesia is if one regularly consumes the fruit, heart disease can be overcome.

  2. The June plum is high in sucrose and fructose, simple sugars which can be readily used by the body. The fruits are a natural, wholesome way to boost vitality and endurance.

  3. June plum has high levels of Vitamins A and C. Recent studies have shown that these two types of vitamins are very active as natural antioxidants that counteract free radicals. Common free radicals operate during body oxidation as well as pollution from outside.

  4. The Vitamin A contained in June plums has another advantage as the compound helps to maintain healthy tissues in our bodies. In parts of Asia where the fruit is regularly consumed, ‘bush doctors’ claim June plums can help accelerate the process of wound healing.

  5. June plum, specifically the Vitamin C it contains also helps metabolize cholesterol into bile acids, which may have implications for blood cholesterol levels and the incidence of gallstones.

  6. Recently, June plums have been found to have substantial amounts of phosphorus, which is beneficial for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

  7. It is a great recommendation for persons affected by hypertension as the fruit is virtually sodium-free.

  8. Aside from its sweet, tart taste, the pulp of June plum is high in dietary fibre, which is an excellent food for clearing one’s bowels and preventing constipation.

  9. Another benefit of the Vitamin A contained in June plums is its important role in the health of human visual perception. Retinol, as it is otherwise known, helps distribute images that are received by the retina of the eye.

  10. June plums have some amounts of the mineral Iron, which assists in the formation of red blood cells. In addition to iron, the fruit has been found to have trace amounts of Vitamin B1 – a compound that helps the production of red blood cells and increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body; thus preventing anaemia.

June plums are grown throughout Jamaica, so there is NO excuse to not reap these amazing benefits for yourself!

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